i n t u i t i v e

e n e r g y

r e a d i n g s

looking for spiritual

guidance and clarity?

I use a combination of tarot and oracle cards to deliver the most insightful and aligned reading for whatever life situation you're hoping to gain clarity around.


an intuitive energy reading can provide insight on...

  • career/work

  • love/relationships

  • spiritual path

  • soul calling

  • health/healing

  • important decisions

  • crossroads/indecision

  • Really, anything you're curious about!

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how readings are done

Immediately upon purchase, you will receive an email questionnaire to further clarify what it is you're seeking guidance on. After your response is received, you will receive a video file with your reading. I will show you the cards from your reading and explain their meanings in the video file, as well as share anything else I intuitively picked up on. The video is pre-recorded (so there's no need to coordinate our schedules), and will be sent to you via email within 5-7 business days after your questionnaire is received.

Word to the wise: Readings are most powerful and tend to offer the most in-depth guidance when only one topic is focused on. If you have two topics you absolutely cannot choose between, I suggest booking a 10-card reading; that way I can pull 5 cards for the first topic and 5 cards for the second. This way, you'll get the deepest guidance and insight into both situations.


about kristen

Hi! I'm Kristen from Inner Divine Alchemy.


I am an Intuitive & Lightworker providing insightful, inspiring energy readings that leave you with a sense of understanding, clarity, and guidance in navigating your present and future. I have been channeling messages from the Divine and honing my intuition for the past 4 years. The cocoon of 2020 was a great death and rebirth for me, where I came to the profound realization that I am to use my gifts as selflessly as possible -- to help others get one step closer to unlocking their soul purpose. I sincerely hope to read for you if you have a deep heartfelt desire to understand yourself and your life path on a soul level.

what people are saying

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frequently asked questions

1. Is there anything my reading won't cover?

Yes, specific details including: Health (incl. pregnancy, paternity, test results) / Legal (incl. outcome of court cases) / Third-party (details of someone's life not related to you) / Specific-timing or outcome ('who is my soul mate' / 'when will I meet my husband').

2. Can you tell me "when" something is going to happen?

I believe there are an infinite number of potential future paths based on the actions we take and the choices we make. While intuitive readings can certainly provide general timing, if you take no action or pivot your focus, there are no guarantees. Timing should be considered as an estimate only.

3. "I need a reading immediately!" / It's an emergency!

I do not perform emergency or immediate bookings. When emotionally-charged or attached to a particular outcome, one may expect the reading to decide our future. This robs us of our personal power and we're more likely to act irrationally. In an emergency, dial 911 or contact a licensed professional.

4. You use tarot cards in your readings... is tarot "evil"?

Regardless of what you may have seen in the movies or how it's been portrayed in the media, tarot is not "evil". Just as you would use a spatula to flip a pancake or a pen to jot down a note, the tarot is merely a tool that can help guide us in achieving a desired outcome. It is important to note that tarot is not fortune-telling. Intuitive readings, whether tarot, oracle, or otherwise, are there to help you gain clarity on where you are, where you've been, and where you're going. When open and receptive to the guidance, it can be truly life-altering in aligning with your soul's wisdom!

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