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This soul-activating 40-card oracle deck was created to help you connect with your Inner Divine and alchemize the innate wisdom and power you already possess. To trust in things unseen, to step into cosmic alignment, and to co-create with the Universe as the powerful manifestor you were always born to be. This is your calling.


The Inner Divine Alchemy Oracle is for soul artists who are ready to discover and embrace their divine gifts. We are all soul artists at heart, but through the conditioning, expectations, and standards set forth by the society in which we live, it's easy to forget that. In fact, many have forgotten their innate power.


Which brings us to this oracle deck. These cards, and the wisdom they contain, were designed to help you tap into that part of you that knows just how divine, sacred, safe, held, and loved you really are. While the external may continually prompt us to forget this, it's our Inner Divine that brings us back to Truth, every single time.


This deck has also been designed to guide you in developing your intuition and, furthermore, to trust those nudges above all else. Your soul is always communicating with you, whether you recognize it or not. The real question is: how open, receptive, and allowing will you be? Will you let what is meant for you flow with ease and trust, or will you resist and push every step of the way?


I'll tell you this... The more you choose your Inner Divine, the more life becomes a playground for awe-inspiring miracles.


Choose the miracles, dear soul. You will not be disappointed.

Inner Divine Alchemy Oracle Card Deck

$44.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
  • Included: 40 oracle cards, 93-page guidebook, and oracle deck box.

    Not included: crystal (pictured), filled apothecary bottle (pictured)

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