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...but those are just labels and categories to help the human mind comprehend.


What I really am is what you really are: limitless cosmic beings, extensions of Source Energy, who have the immense privilege of exploring the human experience in this physical 3D plane.


Sadly, for many, it doesn’t feel like a privilege. It feels more like a burden.


I first embarked on my divine soul artistry journey in 2015. At the time, I didn’t know what this meant – all I knew was that while I was in this world, I certainly wasn’t of this world. Since childhood, I’ve regularly encountered psychic phenomena and interdimensional experiences, but didn’t have the guidance or mentorship to really understand or develop these gifts. For a number of years, I shut down and ignored anything that wasn’t seen as “normal” by society – my interest in the human psyche and the occult, alchemy, magick, healing, astrology… really anything that fell under the umbrella of “intuitive arts”. Disowning these deep-rooted parts of myself only led to misery, attempting to numb the pain in damaging ways, losing my zest for life, and ultimately, a health crisis that served as a major wake-up call.


The past 5 years have been a beautiful unfolding of my soul calling. From leaving “the corporate world” behind, to writing fiction and successfully publishing as an indie author, to coaching other creatives and writers, to sharing my spiritual ascension journey and insights, I see now that it couldn’t have happened any other way. It wasn't meant to. I’ve experienced success in the extremes on both sides of the spectrum: the hustle & grind, logical, action-oriented side, and the softer, flowing, art of allowing, intuitive side. The beauty of experiencing both extremes is that I’ve found the middle. And this middle has helped me find my center.


The action I take now is guided by my Inner Divine. I experience total alignment and coherence of mind, body, heart, and soul. I’ve cultivated a deep inner knowing that I can never get it “wrong” because my soul journey unfolds in shades of gray, instead of black-or-white. It’s the ever-flowing, ever-expanding, ever-changing embodiment of my Highest Self.


Inner Divine Alchemy is my response to my soul’s deepest calling. In alchemizing my own intuitive gifts, I hope to help others see the potential in theirs. To guide soul artists to discover, develop, and walk the path of their own divine light. Whether you identify as a lightworker, a shadow healer, a starseed, an empath, a psychic, a medium, a channeler, or an intuitive, one thing stands true: We cannot do what we do without cultivating a deep connection with our Inner Divine.


Trusting the guidance.

Surrendering the ego.

Shining our light.

Embracing oneness.

Embodying unconditional love...


This is why we’re all really here.

Welcome, dear soul. I am deeply honored to share this work with you.


Whether you're a beginner witch, just starting out on your spiritual practice, or you're more seasoned in the realm of mystical arts, our witch kits are equipped with the tools you need to make your intentions a reality! Attract and manifest your desires with our New Moon Ritual Kit, or release what is no longer serving you with our Full Moon Ritual Kit. Each witch kit is carefully handcrafted to deliver ethically sourced materials in deep honor of and respect for Mother Earth. Limited stock is available, so place your order today!


As an Intuitive and Lightworker, I provide insightful, inspiring energy readings that leave you with a sense of understanding, clarity, and guidance in navigating your present and future. I have been channeling messages from the Divine and honing my intuition for the past 4 years. If you have a deep heartfelt desire to understand yourself and your life path on a soul level, I would love to have the opportunity to read for you.


Manifestation seems to be all the rage on social media, but if manifesting were so easy, wouldn't we all be living our dream lives by now? The process of manifestation isn't systematic, logical, or even tangible. And that's because it goes beyond our physical existence into an energetic one . . .  a cosmic one. If you want to learn how to apply the key principles of manifestation to your unique life experience and unlock your soul mission, this program is for you!


Previously titled That Smart Hustle, this podcast has been rebranded, seeing as the content has always been geared towards spirituality and personal growth. With over 140 episodes to dive into, we cover a variety of topics from the law of attraction, to manifestation, to quantum leaping, to lunar abundance, to collective energy readings. If your soul is looking for some goodness -- some "soul food", if you will -- then you've come to the right place!


Do you have a feeling you're going through a spiritual awakening? Are you looking for guidance, insight, and knowledge on the metaphysical, the occult, and where to get started with it all? Check out my newest YouTube video series under the Inner Divine Alchemy Playlist to start your spiritual journey today.

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